Chronic Health Conditions

If your child has a chronic health condition that requires some special help during the school day, please tell the school nurse.  These conditions may include:


  • An asthma condition and need for an inhaler or other medicine at school
  • Severe allergy to insect or bee sings or a food allergy - which requires the use of an Ipipen or Anakit.
  • A seizure condition which requires special attention.
  • Diabetes and needing frequent snacks or other intervention.
  • Leukemia or any need for special attention to infections.
  • Bleeding tendencies whether from a medicine or a health condition.
  • Specialized health care procedure, such as colostomy care, catheterization, or care of feeding tube.
  • Any special devices used during the school day - braces, hearing aid, artificial limb, walker, glasses, or a wheelchair.