Breakfast and lunch are served according to WV Child Nutrition Guidelines at each school. Head Start guidelines prohibit students from bringing their own lunch.  Although the school system cannot enforce this, we recommend that all pre-k students eat breakfast and lunch served in the schools and refrain from packing a lunch.

Children learn best by example.  So this summer please practice lunch room manners with your child.  Sometime when you are eating breakfast and lunch at home you might pretend you are in the cafeteria at school and use lunch room manners.

  • When eating lunch and my mouth’s full of food, I don’t talk until I’ve swallowed, because that would be rude.
  • At lunch I try as hard as I’m able to sit correctly in my seat and be nice and not crawl under the table.
  • Food that’s not eaten should stay on my tray and not thrown in the floor or be given away.
  • When I eat my lunch, food might spill or run, so I use my napkin until I am done.
  • While eating my lunch I talk quiet, you see, and everyone says that’s polite of me.
  • When I talk at the table, I try not to shout.
  • When I’m finished eating I put things away and try to remember to do it each day.


Projected 2012-2013 Summers County Schools Meal Prices

Elementary Breakfast

Elementary Lunch

$ .60 PAID

$ 1.10 PAID



$ .30 MILK

$ .30 MILK