Parent Information

  • Attendance
    We believe that regular attendance is a requirement for the delivery of a sound education to the students. We realize that a program promoting... (cont'd)
  • Birth Certificate Information
    West Virginia State Law (see enclosed law) says that before a child is allowed to enter school, parents or guardians of that child must show the... (cont'd)
  • Curriculum
    Summers County has chosen to implement the Creative Curriculum for preschool in our pre-k classrooms. The Creative Curriculum is research based and... (cont'd)
  • Family Involvement
    Whenever possible, families should actively participated in the Pre-K program and maintain open communication with the Pre-K program staff.... (cont'd)
  • Health Information
  • Immunizations
    All children entering pre-kindergarten programs should be age appropriately immunized. Your physician should provide you with a... (cont'd)
  • Meals
  • Requirements for PreK Entry
    1. The child must be 4 years old prior to September 1 of the year they will attend! 2. The child must have a certified birth certificate from the... (cont'd)
  • Social Security Information
    Click on the link below to get a social security card for your child.
  • Transportation
    The parent or a designated adult is to be with the child at the bus stop both in the morning and in the evening.... (cont'd)